FOGG Open Letter – July 26, 2012

A New Beginning!

FOGG once more must thank those volunteers and donors who helped make the petition drive for signatures to put a referendum on the ballot a success.

 31,371 SIGNATURES!!

An amazing effort by hundreds of our FOGG supporters who worked tirelessly for 29 days and many hours to sign up registered San Francisco voters.

As one professional petition worker said “I have never seen a group of volunteers work so hard and enthusiastically on a petition drive before.”   

We did have the opposition in our face at times, but they were out manned and had no real interest in the 8 Washington issue other than to harass us and get whatever the developer was paying them.

We now await the final verified signature numbers from the SF Department of Elections.  After the signatures are confirmed the referendum ballot measure will be returned to the Board of Supervisors for another vote.

It is hoped that the eight Board of Supervisor members who originally voted for the ordinance that approved the proposed 8 Washington project spot zoning height increase, will get the message and reconsider their position.

If these eight do not reconsider, the referendum will then be put on the ballot.

It is not necessarily the November, 2012 ballot.  It is a matter of timing by the Board, and the referendum could be moved forward to the November, 2013 ballot.

FOGG also thanks the many donors who provided the “fuel” to insure the petition drive could move ahead.  There were many “FOGG believers” who gave financial support, and you know who you are, but we must make special mention of Richard & Barbara Stewart, who contributed enough dollars to assure that the petition drive did not falter due to lack of funds.

FOGG would be remiss if we didn’t again congratulate former District Three Supervisor Aaron Peskin for his leadership.  Also many thanks to our current District Three Supervisor and Board President, David Chiu, who withstood the political pressures together with Supervisors John Avalos and David Campos, to vote with us against the ordinance.   And, so many thanks to Jon Golinger and his dedicated staff, who spearheaded the petition drive with tremendous energy, imagination and very long hours.

FOGG would hope that we never again hear that we are only a ”few very wealthy disgruntled neighbors.”  Our support and signatures came from every corner of San Francisco, and from the people who really care about our waterfront for the enjoyment of all.  We heard countless times that our waterfront should not be just for the few privileged ones with money.  This project would remake part of our waterfront into a gated condominium wall for only the very rich.

This was truly “PEOPLE POWER” at its best.  Now let us prepare for the difficult and we are sure “no holds barred” days ahead.

Many of you attended our Monday, July 23, 2012 celebration at L’Olivier Restaurant.  We thank them for hosting yet another of our events.

For those who did not attend, you can view the event at this link.  Celebration Video

We again thank Theo Armour for providing this video.

FOGG is sure with your continued support we will prevail.  Thanks again to all of you!

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