FOGG Alert – February 4, 2013


You now have to the opportunity to let CalSTRS know that they must end their partnership and investment in the 8 Washington project.

Please sign the Petition at this link.Petition

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) is being urged to stop their risky real estate investments which are a ticking time bomb for California taxpayers.

CalSTRS is the funding source for the 8 Washington Street luxury high-rise condominium development.

Lorraine Honig, a retired teacher, who endorsed the Petition, asks that you sign the Petition NOW.

Lorraine stated: “Join with me in letting CalSTRS know we are aware of this misguided investment of teachers’ retirement funds that will negatively impact the Northeast Embarcadero waterfront with a WALL of high rise condominiums for only the very wealthy, and destroy the community’s outdoor recreational center (GGT&SC),”

Please forward this Petition to your family and friends and ask them to sign as well.

FOGG urges you to review the Petition statement at the link provided.  It says in strong factual terms the case against CalSTRS and their real estate investments, particularly the 8 Washington project.

The CalSTRS Investment Board includes the following members:

Harry Keiley – Chairman

Dana Dillon – Vice Chairman

Sharon Hendricks

Michael Lawson

Paul Rosenthal

John Chiang

Ana Matosantos

Bill Lockyer

Tom Torlakson

(Key Staff member – Christopher Ailman)

They can be reached at Board@CalSTRS.COM Phone: 916-414-2201 should you want to contact them personally about their investment in this project.

FOGG hopes you will join with Lorraine in telling CalSTRS of the large number of community coalition members who oppose their 8 Washington investment and partnership with Simon Snellgrove, the 8 Washington Street developer and Principal of Pacific Waterfront Partners LLC.

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