FOGG Alert – January 11, 2017


FOGG wishes to apologize for misstating Eleanor Burke’s quote in our Alert of January 9, 2017.

The entire text of Ms. Burke’s statement is as follows.  The correction has been highlighted in blue.

“…He (Gavin Newsom) was at the Balboa Café a while ago when I was having lunch with friends.  As he passed by our table to leave, we all grabbed him and pleaded with him not to ‘ruin our waterfront.’ “

“He stood there for 45 minutes giving an illogical argument (“we must have one rule for waterfronts throughout the state; we can’t have one rule for San Diego, another for San Pedro, and another one for San Francisco,” he asserted.)”

When we asked him in unison why not, he just repeated just what he said. :”Why” we asked him, “does SF have to have high rises on the waterfront  just because San Diego doesn’t mind having high rises on their waterfront? “

“He responded his Mantra for the third time. Clearly we got nowhere with him.  But he wasn’t home free. The next table did the exact same thing.  He is not winning fans in SF.  I never saw him as an empty head before, but that he is.”

Again we apologize for this error.  The statement should now clarify how little Mr. Newsom respects the voters of San Francisco.

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