FOGG Alert – January 16, 2017

San Francisco Examiner Article – January 12, 2017 – Please Read

FOGG is following up to our ALERT of January 11, 2017 with an article of much interest.

The San Francisco Examiner wrote a story covering the San Francisco waterfront height limit lawsuit against Proposition B, which the State Lands Commission (SLC) has filed against the city of San Francisco.  Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is the chair of the SLC.

FOGG believes the story is factual, fair, and balanced.

You can read it at the SF Examiner Article January 12, 2017 Page on this website.

We thank Josh for his fine writing in this article.

Again, our Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom can’t seem to understand that the voters of San Francisco have already spoken in strong terms, by voting over 58% in favor of Proposition B, to protect our waterfront for the benefit of everyone.

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