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The Golden Gateway Tennis and Swim Club (GGTSC) is the facility at the foot of Washington and Drumm Streets (see Map) along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. The Club features nine outdoor tennis courts and two outdoor swimming pools: a six lane lap pool and a recreation pool for aquafit classes, children’s lessons, and general enjoyment - all of his on land surrounded by palm trees, lawn, and decks. It also provides an airy pavilion where yoga, pilates and other exercise classes meet. Across the street, a full health club provides an excellent variety of weights, treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bicycles, and so on. The Club is in no way exclusive: anyone may belong provided she or he pays a nominal joining fee and keeps up with monthly dues. More than 1600 current members who live in the adjacent apartments and condominiums (25% of total) and in various neighborhoods throughout the city (75% of total) enjoy its facilities, classes, tennis tournaments, summer camps, masters’ pool challenges, and each other's company. (for more, see You May Lose...)

But the GGTSC is in peril. A developer has plans to demolish it and put condos and a parking garage up in its place. True, the developer has promised a greatly expanded health club; however, all outdoor facilities would suffer. At least five of the tennis courts would be gone, the lap pool would be smaller and there is no guarantee that there would even be a rec pool. The airy pavilion is not part of their plan at all. Also, the outdoor areas would be on the north, heavily shaded side of the building above street level, pools surrounded by only concrete instead of grass and trees. And, of course, during the years of construction, there would be no outdoor facilities at all. (see The Case) The city thus stands to lose this invaluable resource adjacent to downtown and along the Embarcadero. A delightful open space would be replaced by walls of garages and a large 8 story rectangular block of condos.

It is not too late to stop the demolition of this precious resource, however. YOU can help preserve the current club, keep it as open space the way it was originally intended when it was built and preserve a facility that is invaluable not just to members but to the city as a whole.

Friends of Golden Gateway believe that sane, thoughtful development is one of the major issues, if not THE major issue, that San Francisco faces in the coming years. We see the potential development of this property as emblematic of the larger problem of wrong-headed development in the city as a whole. At issue, no doubt about it, is whether San Francisco will become a second-class city, featuring a bundle of high rises punctuated by cold and windy canyons of streets. It will take diligence and effort by concerned residents to hold the feet of the members of the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors – and the mayor – to the fire and make them adhere to codes and rules already in place with regard to development and open space.

This web site is dedicated to informing you of the current status of our efforts to preserve this valuable San Francisco open-space. Here are summaries of the sections that may interest you:

The Case : The history of the Golden Gateway as part of a Planned Unit Development created by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency in 1960. Why we believe the rules of that development support our position that the GGTSC should not be demolished to make way for condos - and should be preserved as open-space.

Map: Map of the area and location of the GGTSC

You May Lose...: A list of some of the many activities that are threatened by the current plans for development of the site.

Donations: Please help out with donations to cover legal expenses and other costs being incurred to fight this threat.

Politics: How do the mayoral (even the district attorney) candidates stand on this issue? What have the supervisors and members of the Planning Commission said?

Meetings: Notice of the next meeting of the committee – when and where. Do join us to learn more about this issue and how you can get involved.

Petitions: One way to help is to distribute and sign petitions to take to the Board of Supervisors and to the Planning Commission. Find out how to get involved in the petition drive here.

Addresses: Here you’ll find the addresses and phone numbers of all the members of the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors so that you can contact them personally.

Time Line: Upcoming and historically significant events that you should be aware of. Timing is critical. We need to act NOW.

Contact Us: Contact members of the Friends of Golden Gateway if you have questions, if you want more information, if you can give some time or get involved in any way.